002 series, 2.0mm battery holder 3PIN


2.0mm Pitch Connectors
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    002 series, 2.0mm battery holder 3PIN
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(DELL, HP, IBM, SONY, ACER, APPLE, TOSHIBA, etc.) laptop battery battery connector, digital battery connector, charger battery holder, board-to-board connector, FPC connector, Pai mother, contact point, long life, high temperature, male and female matching, delivery 3 days, priced at direct sales, according to customer plating requirements.

 (Gold plating instructions):1. 2-2u" Gold on Contact area G/F on Solder Tail, Forkock G/F Overall.
 (Specifications): Current Rating : 5A ,Instant Current: 7A,Contact
 Resistance : 30mΩ     Dielectric Voltage : 500V, Operating
 Temperature : -40℃~105℃



Durability: 1000 cycles


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